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Why Buy in Canada?

Our goal is to have the lowest price in Canada.  If you find a lower price please let me know and I will beat it.

Import Fees 

Importing Items from the U.S can be time consuming and expensive.  After spending time to to research and shop for the best price, many Canadians are dissapointed when they are stuck with a large bill at the post office when they go to pick up their items.

Canada customs charges import taxes and fees on all items imported into Canada regardless of our free trade agreements.  The post office will not release the item until these fees are paid.  After paying taxes, shipping, duty, and import fees, many consumers find that they pay the same price for foreign orders as they would have for domestic orders. 


The Canadian government does this to protect our economy.  We have already paid all these fees and We offer free shipping.  The price you see is the price you pay.  ( Plus sales tax)


Shipping time

Canada customs sometimes holds items for weeks before releasing them.  It is not unusual to wait weeks or months to recieve an order. 


We ship from west Ottawa, so average shipping time is 3 days in Ontario and 5 days in BC.  Shipping is free.


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